Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emperor's Champion Conversion

I finally got some work done- it's been a weird last few months where I've found it hard to sit down and actually paint things.  I finished up some ships for Dreadfleet too, but that's not really what the blog is about.  Maybe I'll post some pictures later.

So I fell in love with the Maugna Ra model and I wanted to make it into a marine somehow.  I decided to have him be a converted Emperor's Champion- being badass and unique and all.  I shaved off all of the Eldar jewel things on him and added some Space Marine bits.  In order for the sword to be properly stabbing the Necron I had to position the guy over the edge of the base.  That created a problem because the model is metal and weighs a whole lot.  I put a washer on the bottom of the base, made the rocks out of plaster, and added the big banner to counter the weight of the model.  It is a little top heavy, but it rests flush on the table.

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