Friday, October 26, 2012

Castellan Rachen Completed

I finished painting and photographing my Castellan Rachen model.  The process was pretty long and I've learned a few things in almost every aspect of the model from the basing to the final image editing.

The conversion work was pretty simple.  I just kit bashed a bunch of things- cutting them down to fit and smoothing the seams.  I had a mental image in mind when I started and I just tried to make him look as close to that as possible while keeping it very simple (KISS!).  I didn't check how the model actually fit together until the end, so gluing it all together was a pain in the butt.

I learned for basing that gluing plaster to plastic doesn't work very well unless you know the trick.  That trick is gluing it first with wood glue, ripping it off once it's dry, and then gluing the now dried wood glue to the base with super glue.  I also decided this time to use a few different materials for the base to make it look more elaborate.  I chose large pieces (plaster blocks), medium pieces (the plastic tiles and the plastic sprue pieces), and small bits (the sand).  These all seem to work together pretty well.

Painting-wise I learned that I should probably use less layers.  Right now I highlight up from the darkest color, then apply a wash, and then re-highlight all the way up.  That's kind of a waste of time.  I think I've decided to apply the base color, apply a wash, and then highlight up from there.  It's still pretty annoying to have to wash the whole area.  The weathering powders were a mess and a half.  I got them all over my computer and desk area.  I was worried that they were dulling the black too much, but that effect faded once I sprayed the model with Matte Varnish. 

I applied the blood effects (Tamiya Clear Red) and they were easy and awesome.  I recommend getting a little pot of it.  I also tried my hand at some OSL (object source lighting) on the lantern in the back.  I don't like it so much in person- something is just a little off, but on camera it looks pretty good.

The photography portion was a blast.  I tried using a green sheet of paper behind the model to enable me to better use the fuzzy select in GIMP.  It worked pretty well, but only after three tries.  The first try I placed the model in direct sunlight and the reflection of the green was very present on the back side of the model.  Next I tried in a shadow outdoors with the flash, but the model was still too close and some of the glossy black areas (especially on the base) were a little green.  The final try was in the driveway with the model on a stand, the paper about two feet away, and a nice lamp lighting the model from in front.  That worked the best, but there are still hints of green in the pictures.  I think more forward lighting and even further from the paper will work wonders.

Monday, October 8, 2012

A Breakthrough!

I have made a discovery in the science of photo taking!  I could make a whole lot of money off of it but the problem is that someone already discovered it years ago.  See here:  I'm a good fifty or so years behind.  Shucks!

You're probably wondering how I came about this?  Do you really want a glimpse into the genius that is my brain?  OK you asked for it.  Well I was trying out Gimp for the first time (a fantastic and free piece of photo editing software).  I was removing the background of my model pictures and replacing it with a nice gradient.  I found that the white sheet I used was not perfectly white and the shadows of the model made parts of it grey which made it really hard for Gimp to tell what was the model and what was useless white space.  I thought about it for a moment and decided that I should use a background color that wouldn't be confused with the model.  Bright green is what I settled on- so smart!  I was then really disappointed because I realized that it's what people have been doing for years and I wasn't going to win any awards.  I'm not sure I've seen it applied to wargaming photos though.  That must be worth fifty points or something.

This is an awesome video that I found that quickly explains how to get started and use Gimp- give it a look!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emperor's Champion Conversion

I finally got some work done- it's been a weird last few months where I've found it hard to sit down and actually paint things.  I finished up some ships for Dreadfleet too, but that's not really what the blog is about.  Maybe I'll post some pictures later.

So I fell in love with the Maugna Ra model and I wanted to make it into a marine somehow.  I decided to have him be a converted Emperor's Champion- being badass and unique and all.  I shaved off all of the Eldar jewel things on him and added some Space Marine bits.  In order for the sword to be properly stabbing the Necron I had to position the guy over the edge of the base.  That created a problem because the model is metal and weighs a whole lot.  I put a washer on the bottom of the base, made the rocks out of plaster, and added the big banner to counter the weight of the model.  It is a little top heavy, but it rests flush on the table.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Close!

Almost done with my Emperor's Champion- just have to paint the NMM parts on him.  I think he looks pretty badass so far- the bones on the model are really cool.  I didn't do the top of the shoulder pads so well- I tried a bunch of times, but just couldn't get it well enough.  You guys can let me know what you think when I post the pics.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back To Business

I got back today from an extended weekend in Boston- an excellent trip with fun had by all.  Consequently I didn't get any work done while away, but I did get a good amount of work done on the new Emperor's Champion this evening.  I've finished the pre-wash bone and black armor parts.  I've got to paint all of the red tomorrow and then clean up the places that I messed up.  The contrast is pretty high on the model.  I went from fairly dark colors (dark brown and black) to pretty light colors (ivory and a lighter grey).  The depth that it appears to give is cool.   I feel like a lot of my miniatures remind me of El Greco paintings when they are done.

El Greco.  The Burial of Count Orgaz.

El Greco.  St. John the Evangelist.

I also got my shipment of additional bits and some Krylon Fusion flat black spray paint.  I picked up some cheap auctions and a whole Dreadknight (well, nearly whole) for easily 40% off.  This means that I can respray the models I stripped last week and add some additional bits to them that I wanted to add in the first place. 

I'll have some pictures of the new guy tomorrow- hopefully completed!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New

Here's some pictures of my old Emperor's Champion.  This guy was painted somewhere in the middle of high school.  He's the only example of previous work I have- I scrubbed the paint off all of the rest of my old minis.

I've started on a new champion though.  I saw the Maugan Ra model and I just had to use it (  I love the look of the armor made of bones.  I've removed all of the gems, cut away the lines on the top of his head, and gave him a marine backpack and weapons.  He's coming out pretty good so far, but some of the paint isn't sticking too well to the sharper points of the metal.

My work space and the new Championed primed and ready to paint.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Finished Paint Removal and New CSM Codex?

I finished up removing the paint from my models and it worked really well.  As you can see in the picture, almost all of the paint is gone.  The only specks left are in the tight spaces where the brush couldn't reach or where the bristles were too large.

The bits after removal.

GW posted a new video on their Youtube channel.  Maybe it's a teaser for a new CSM Codex?  It could also be new psychic powers, but I'm leaning towards Codex with all the rumors flying around.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Removing Paint from Models

I think my sign really got the message across.

I picked up some Super Clean today from the local Napa Auto Parts.  It's a great chemical for removing paint from models, which I have to do because I messed up the priming (curses humidity, curses).  You let it soak for 12 hours and then take a tooth brush to the models.  Make sure to wear gloves and rinse the models after you brush them off.  Hopefully the next spray session will go better!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crusade Update: Priming Gone Wrong

I'm off to a good start (sarcasm)!  I tried to prime my first batch of terminators when it was too humid out.  They have a nice chalky / grainy finish now- fantastic!  I'm going to attempt to remove some of that paint and then respray them.  Lesson learned: just wait a day to spray your miniatures.

First Things First

So I figured I'd actually post something on my new blog- what a novel idea right?

A little intro is in order.  I love Black Templars.  I think the art design and the character of the chapter are fantastic.  I was introduced to 40k in middle school.  We were terrible painters and didn't know how to play the game.
  We came back to it in high school when a LGS went belly up and sold everything for super cheap.  I painted a little better then and still have my Emperor's Champion that I did. 

I've always been a little into art- took some classes in middle and high school- never that serious though.  Each time we'd have a project, I'd always want to make it my own somehow- make it cool.  I feel like that is what this army project is about (which I'll go over in a future post)- making a more unique Black Templars army. 

The Damned Crusade is not only the name of the blog, but the name of the army as well.  They are a band of crusaders who embark into one of the lesser known regions of the galaxy- the Ghoul Stars.  It's a tale of a tale of a little known- some might say secretive- crusade that stumbles upon some ancient artifacts of great power.  Some say the power is derived from the Immortal Emperor himself; others in the crusade believe it to be something ruinous, perhaps even Chaotic.  Tensions rise as the effects of the artifacts manifest themselves- will this crusade see a righteous end or one that spirals into madness and despair?  What will the inevitable legend of the Damned Crusade be- a cautionary note of wrestling with powers beyond your comprehension or an epic about zeal, triumph, and ghastly happenings not too different from a Legion of a similar name?

To be continued...