Monday, July 30, 2012

Back To Business

I got back today from an extended weekend in Boston- an excellent trip with fun had by all.  Consequently I didn't get any work done while away, but I did get a good amount of work done on the new Emperor's Champion this evening.  I've finished the pre-wash bone and black armor parts.  I've got to paint all of the red tomorrow and then clean up the places that I messed up.  The contrast is pretty high on the model.  I went from fairly dark colors (dark brown and black) to pretty light colors (ivory and a lighter grey).  The depth that it appears to give is cool.   I feel like a lot of my miniatures remind me of El Greco paintings when they are done.

El Greco.  The Burial of Count Orgaz.

El Greco.  St. John the Evangelist.

I also got my shipment of additional bits and some Krylon Fusion flat black spray paint.  I picked up some cheap auctions and a whole Dreadknight (well, nearly whole) for easily 40% off.  This means that I can respray the models I stripped last week and add some additional bits to them that I wanted to add in the first place. 

I'll have some pictures of the new guy tomorrow- hopefully completed!

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