Thursday, July 19, 2012

First Things First

So I figured I'd actually post something on my new blog- what a novel idea right?

A little intro is in order.  I love Black Templars.  I think the art design and the character of the chapter are fantastic.  I was introduced to 40k in middle school.  We were terrible painters and didn't know how to play the game.
  We came back to it in high school when a LGS went belly up and sold everything for super cheap.  I painted a little better then and still have my Emperor's Champion that I did. 

I've always been a little into art- took some classes in middle and high school- never that serious though.  Each time we'd have a project, I'd always want to make it my own somehow- make it cool.  I feel like that is what this army project is about (which I'll go over in a future post)- making a more unique Black Templars army. 

The Damned Crusade is not only the name of the blog, but the name of the army as well.  They are a band of crusaders who embark into one of the lesser known regions of the galaxy- the Ghoul Stars.  It's a tale of a tale of a little known- some might say secretive- crusade that stumbles upon some ancient artifacts of great power.  Some say the power is derived from the Immortal Emperor himself; others in the crusade believe it to be something ruinous, perhaps even Chaotic.  Tensions rise as the effects of the artifacts manifest themselves- will this crusade see a righteous end or one that spirals into madness and despair?  What will the inevitable legend of the Damned Crusade be- a cautionary note of wrestling with powers beyond your comprehension or an epic about zeal, triumph, and ghastly happenings not too different from a Legion of a similar name?

To be continued...

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